This is the lived and imagined journey of three sisters. Born within a dynamic sphere, we seek to explore the valued voices and images that lie beneath the surface of our society. Individually, we created our own paths and met at one point. This point became known as NNCY Clothing. From this point, we have utilised the same creative niche to create a label that we want the world to see. From this, we have developed items we deem versatile and timeless for THE woman, meaning ALL women. In our quest to consolidate our West Melbourne appreciation thus influence into all creative aspects of NNCY; we believe this point is a great beginner. An opener into the world of fashion and the creative heads that conceptually build based on diverse influences.

Each item is designed to take the wearer on any path they are on. Whether you are the Saturday night party woman, or the Sunday morning beach woman. We are three collective heads that represent NNCY and embody many differences that allows for NNCY’s versatility. There is however a common thread between us; the desire to create ethical and quality made ready-to-wear items. Our items are produced from mind to machine in a high quality fashion.


We understand the comfort and confidence a piece of item can give its wearer. Its potential to allow non-verbal expressions of identity and become a walking canvas. We are motivated by fashion’s capabilities and its creation of unique stories. This is the difference for us. Fashion is art. But it is many things. Fashion reflects our culture and our culture informs our fashion. Fashion is a form of expressive politics- subtler than demonstrations but equally as powerful. It is more than a statement; it is participation in a system at times too exclusive for the masses.

We design to speak. We design to give a new perspective. We design to challenge the subconscious messages. We want to fuse our cultural identity with our creative visions to create. It is a journey full of hardship and sacrifice but how else will things get done? Opportunities have not fallen neatly at our feet. We know where we have come from, and that makes it all the more important. Our voice is as valuable as the next and we choose to express it with fashion.