House of campbell

House of Campbell speaks to the leaders, innovators and visionaries - not simply fashion followers.

We believe beauty does not exist in one size. Confidence is not found through comparison.

House of Campbell’s signature style, combining vivid, daring statement pieces coupled with soft, dreamy aesthetics, empowers women to tell their story.

Our commitment to tailored, well-crafted fashion means that we offer an inclusive sizing range, created to celebrate women of diverse shapes, ethnicities and lifestyles.

For Creative Director, Abby Potter, House of Campbell’s story began as child learning at her grandmother’s sewing machine. This led her pursue opportunities within fashion as a woman.

Bringing wide-ranging experience, along with strong networks both locally and across the sea, Abby thrives on quality standards and meaningful customer relationships.

Through House of Campbell, she seeks combine innovative, forward-thinking designs, aimed to embolden and disrupt, with accessible, sustainable fashion for all women.