Ice cream drips gently along the curve of the hand, the crunch of gravel felt beneath the thinly soled tan sandal that blends effortlessly with the honey-brown skin of the woman who enigmatically dances through the market stalls of a seaside Italian town. With a straw hat dipping over her furrowed brow her elegant sunglasses slip down her nose as her breath catches at the sight on the chilly blue watery horizon. Tossing the ice-cream, she peels off her lightweight cotton summer dress and leaves it in a pile on the rocky sand with her straw hat and leather sandals. Quickly, she dashes into the ocean childlike and mysterious. She has traveled across the globe to bask in the glorious sun.

Sōnya Swim is exotic, timeless and flattering swimsuits for women all over the world chasing the sun.

Sōnya Swim, was meticulously created by Fashion Palette founder and Creative Director, Sonya Mefaddi in 2019. With a background as an Art Director, and after working with many Australian fashion brands over the past decade. Combining the years of fashion observation with the x-factor she possesses it was a natural progression for Sonya to utilise her creative skills, eye for fashion and her love for the ocean into a namesake brand, Sōnya Swim.